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polkaprofile.jpg Rollasoles

I saw one of the most ridiculous TV advertisements I’ve ever seen in my life the other day which featured comely tennis player and former world number one, Caroline Woziacki, knocking a few balls around a court in a pair of high heels. The advert was for blister plasters which Woziacki had apparently designed herself (yeah, right). But designer blister plasters! Is that how low we have sunk in the name of high heel hell?

This summer I’ve eschewed any kind of heel and boy-oh-boy, am I reaping the benefits. For what I’ve lost in inches and shapely calves I’ve gained in pain-free pursuits such as generally walking around. And I’ve done quite a bit of this generally walking around over the last couple of month in these lovely pumps from Rollasoles, which, as their name rather gives away, roll up rather nicely into a neat little tub. They’ve got an extra thick sole which means that they can be worn all day long (and not just in an emergency when your feet are killing) and their rockabilly, peep-toe aesthetic is balm for my soul (and soles). Grab a pair and bin those plasters (that probably haven’t really been designed by a top tennis player) for good. DP

Rollasoles are £15.95 and available from www.rollasole.com