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berniebook.jpg Our Revolution: A future to believe in

Bernie Sanders, Profile Books

No one thought that US Senator Bernie Sanders had any chance of securing the Democratic nomination to be President, but he came close to tipping over the applecart of received wisdom when he nearly pipped Hillary Clinton to the role. His new book is split into two, the first half detailing his background and remarkable rise in which he became the longest-serving independent in US congressional history, breaking the Democratic/Republican duopoly to achieve remarkable progressive changes in Vermont. He also recounts his presidential run in which his rallies went from attracting a few hundred to tens of thousands. It’s the second half of the book that is essential reading however in which he makes the case for progressive policies being applied across the whole of the US from healthcare to climate change. It all smacks of pure common sense, but in a world where both Republicans and Democrats have been in hock to Wall Street, big pharma and other interested parties, it’s a world that needs insurgents like Bernie Sanders more than ever.