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Music Editorial

moonroverlocal.jpg Local: Moon Rover

This jolly bunch are Moon Rover from Newcastle, a band who may well be in the gutter but they’re most definitely looking at the stars.

And let me clarify that opening statement: I have absolutely no idea whether Moon Rover are in the gutter or not. I mean, they look well turned out and everything, but I couldn’t resist wedging in Oscar Wilde’s famous aphorism in my opening sentence, because while the band might forge music from grunge and effects-laden rock, their heads are not looking down at their shoes, but up to the stars (although fans of shoegaze won’t be throwing rocks at them any time soon). On tracks such as Daisy Pose you’ll hear them declaring that “Earth looks so beautiful from up here, I don’t wanna leave”, while on Little Green Men they’ve been “counting stars, looking upwards again, to look where you are, so I might see you again”. Of course, all of this celestial gadding about wouldn’t count for too much if their music sounded like four men shouting into a bucket, and, thankfully, they have the requisite oomph and dreamy melodies to give them enough thrust to leave the earth’s atmosphere. Less shoegaze, more stargaze. And they’ll be looking for lift-off in 2017 when their first album is launched in January.

Seek: facebook.com/moonroverband/?fref=ts