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VickyThompsonCityVaults.jpg Shade Aid

Apparently 52% of people in Newcastle ditch their shades for a more up-to-date style every year. Don’t take my word for it, but the word of the press release I’m now looking at of which I have no reason to doubt given the extensive research that they must have carried out to ascertain such a fact. Anyway. If you’re about to chuck out an old pair (or consign them to the Drawer Of Items That Will Never Be Used Again) why not take them to one of eight venues in Newcastle instead, and drop them off for Shade Aid. This charity will then donate them to people living in African countries where such items can cost a fortune to inhabitants. Lucy Jenkins, Communications Manager for Vision Aid Overseas: “Ocular sun damage is a serious health issue in Africa. In fact, by the time the average child is 18, they will have absorbed 80 per cent of their lifetime exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Extended UV exposure has been linked to cataracts and macular degeneration as well as other serious eye disorders which can cause loss of vision.” If you have unwanted sunglasses you can either drop them off at the following pubs and clubs before September 1 (The Waterside, Bambu, Chase, City Vaults, Jimmyz, The Lodge, Riverside) or stick them in the post (address and more info from the website, below).

Seek: www.shadeaid.org.uk