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Our Crack Little Crack

QVClittlecrack.jpg Little Crack wants to present QVC

But really. We’re not being snide or ironic or knowing. We genuinely want to be one those cheerful people, turning on chirpy drivel like a tap and sending it forth into the grey isolation of late February 2013. 

They make us feel as though anything is possible. Our living room is suddenly full of colourful friends who set aside a few hours each weekend to clean and have shiny, robust mental health. We imagine that in the olden days neighbours congregated around one warm stove and chatted in the same casual, meaningless way as they pulled together proggy mats, sipped sugared tea and cuddled bundles of baby. We’ve never bought anything from QVC and we won’t. It’s enough just to welcome the gang in for nine hours every evening and listen as they extol the virtues of Cook's Essentials 2 Litre Multi Cookers With Tagine Lids or Entice Turquoise Diamonique Adjustable Hoop Earrings. They’re all such lovely, lovely people.