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partridgebook.jpg Alan Partridge: Nomad

Rob Gibbons, Neil Gibbons & Steve Coogan, Trapeze

Alan Partridge: “It’s funny how it can be easier to share your most intimate feelings with complete strangers than with the people closest to you. I once revealed to a woman that I was still wetting the bed when I was eighteen. It wasn’t even true; I just felt the urge to confess something because she was a stranger.” When I, Partridge: We Need to Talk about Alan came out a couple of years back it had cash-in written all over it, but it turned out to be a labour of love with Rob and Neil Gibbons (with input from Steve Coogan) really fleshing out the wonderfully petty world of Alan Partridge. Nomad doesn’t quite scale the heights of that faux-ography, but it is still enormous fun. It sees North Norfolk Digital’s finest setting off across the UK, following a route once taken by his father, but that’s just a device to let Alan share his most intimate feelings with us, from his views on Noel Edmunds (not a fan of his “Ewok head”) to The London Container Terminal at Tilbury in Essex (a “world-leading facility”).