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Our Crack Little Crack

buster.jpg The happier you are...

...the further you are from truth and logic. Studies (that we can’t be arsed to look up because our sense of futility is greater than our sense of professional pride) have been done into this. 

Miserable people have proven themselves again and again to have a firmer grip of likely realistic outcomes. For example, if you ask a load of depressed people at what age they’re likely to die, they’ll all get it 100% correct. They know the date, time and location of their own deaths. Upbeat, ‘positive thinkers’ consistently guess wildly to cover their total ignorance of how and when they’ll meet their demise. They have no way of processing the information at hand or formulating logical conclusions. Little Crack is frightened of these people who whistle in corridors and offer cheese on toast as an antidote to heartbreak and believe (actually believe!) that positive thinking can change your life. We don’t think so.