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Queer Editorial

quivercohen.jpg Quiver

We’ve lost Leonard Cohen but Donald Trump is in the ascendant. Kind of sums up 2016…

So Donald Trump is the new president of the USA. Even a year ago I’d have been typing that as a joke. Today, and not six months since the EU referendum, I feel like I am living in an episode of Black Mirror. And while I don’t believe history simply repeats itself, I do feel more and more afraid of this new breed of turbocharged, twentieth century nationalism that brands immigrants as the problem while the ubercapitalists bleed us dry in plain sight. How did Trump get in – how did it come to this? I refer you back to my previous column about Jimmy Savile. Trump got in because, like Savile, white privileged cismen can do and say what the fuck they like and white women, when putting their cross on the ticket, will choose their race over their gender. What a fucking mess. Imagine the reaction if Obama had been caught on tape bragging about serious sexual assault. A rich white man can grab us by the pussy, but if a black man even looks at you/doesn’t look at you, he’s at best harassed, and at worst murdered in cold blood by the very people who are meant to serve and protect. Being a white ciswoman comes with its own privileges, but as a queer white ciswoman, I am aware – more than ever today – of how precarious and fragile our equalities are. If nothing else our EU vote and the US election have pulled back the top skin to reveal the festering wound of racism, misogyny and homo/transphobia at the heart of western patriarchy – there’s no denying it now. We need – all of us who care about respect, equality and diversity – to stand together against the wave that is growing. It’s not just arrived on the crest of a millionaire’s combover; it’s been here for a long time. I’ve said it before but I see no way to change but through direct action. Talking hasn’t worked. And as I am ending this month’s Quiver I hear that Leonard Cohen has gone. It’s supposed to be Christmas but maybe it’s time to cancel that too. We need a new world order. That’s my seasonal wish. Be kind to each other, and stand up against hatred wherever you see it.