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Music Editorial

massaconfusa16.jpg Local: Massa Confusa

Some of the best bands are duos. I’m talking Sleaford Mods. I’m talking Erasure. I’m talking John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John. And we can stick Newcastle’s Massa Confusa on that Really Good Duos list, as the pair (say “Hi – how’s tricks?” to guitarist/vocalist/programmer Ally Morton and bassist Matt O’brien) make the kind of wired racket that pitches them somewhere between early Depeche Mode and a whole gaggle of post-punk bands (The Pop Group, Wire, Joy Division, etc). Their second album, Two Man Machine, was released on 19 November and is full of herky-jerky rhythms, carve-them-into-stone vocals, and a brooding sense of All This Matters. They caper between the discordant and the lyrical with a certain amount of dash, and their doomy electronica throbs with a murky fuzz. They also stage gigs under the Massa Confusa Presents banner and their last knees-up of the year promises to be a corker as on the bill are Velvoir (a beautifully bizarre rock quartet), Cellar Door (indie post-punkers), The Golden Age of Nothing (psych-goth trio) and, naturally, Massa Confusa themselves. It’s taking place on Saturday 10 December at The Northumberland Arms, Prudhoe Chare (just off Northumberland Street), Newcastle, 7.30pm, £4.

Seek: massaconfusa.com