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Music Editorial

hedges16.jpg Local: Hedges

What do you think of Hedges for a band name? Say it with me: “Hedges”. I kinda like it, and their music isn’t bad either.

Baby Got Back is only the second single from this Whitley Bay based band, but, already, they sound like they’ve nailed down their sound which is beefier than my mam’s Sunday dinners. If you want to slap a label on them, then I suppose you’re going to have to make it “Indie”, but they definitely appear to be from the more rumbustious side of the tracks. The single has a brooding quality, full of latent energy, with a fist-punching-the-air chorus that offers a cathartic release (which, let me tell you, is my very favourite kind of release). They also serve up plenty of great guitar licks, knowing when to ramp up the riffage and when to let their melody breathe, and in front man Sam Aves they have someone who can certainly belt out a tune. Their first single/demo Hide also displays plenty of promise, but it’s with Baby Got Back where they really take flight.

Seek: facebook.com/hedgestheband