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Our Crack Little Crack

doginbed.jpg The State Of The World

Little Crack is one of a relatively new breed of workers who can do their entire job from beneath a duvet. We also live alone and try not to answer the phone more than is strictly necessary. These facts make us even more susceptible than everyone else we know to a condition we call Despair At The Truly Awful State Of The World. It’s an internet-nonsense problem, and a distraction problem, and a prevarication problem, but the constant stream of misery and bafflement wears us down. That’s why, when it’s all getting too much and we can’t take one more story of abused animals, one more petition to end human trafficking, one more nutszoid potential world leader spouting gallons of cartoonish evil bile, we like to go for a run then pop into the Co-op and stand spread-legged with our arms held aloft to really cool down under the in-store air conditioning. There is no better way to restore your faith in the world because it turns out that out there, IRL, people are very accepting of red-faced, overheated joggers employing unusual means to lower their core body temperature. The sales assistants positively welcome our strange visits and the customers give us sympathetic smiles and wry congratulations us on our sporting endeavour. These small, real-world exchanges are enough to erase a week of online hopelessness, which in itself seems a very hopeful ratio.