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eighty6pic.jpg You can't get more street than this

Eighty6 is a streetwear clothing company based in Newcastle and they make the kind of clobber that has more cred than Snoopy wearing shades.

Disclaimer: I don’t like tattoos. They look great on other people, certainly, but I’ve yet to see anything that would look good etched onto my skin forever more. I did once toy with getting two of my favourite icons inked onto my calves (James Dean and Marilyn? Mick and Keef? No: Alexander and Richard off Pointless), but figured I could just about get by without them.

Clothing from Eighty6, which has clearly been influenced by skin art, is another matter entirely, because: 1. They look as good as this; 2. You can remove it at the end of the day. Their exclusive designs come from a collective of working class types such as creative director Peter Steventon who comments: “The Eighty6 brand is all about supporting and collaborating with creatively talented people who inspire us. We’ve worked with Newcastle based tattooists, artists and musicians to create limited edition clothing designs that we are really proud of.”

Check out their website for more on their ethos and the chance to check out (and, hey, purchase) their very cool gear. (And as soon as they make some Pointless leggings I’ll be all over them.)

Eighty6 is available from Northern Glory Tattoo at Bewick Street in Newcastle or from eighty6clothing.com