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Queer Editorial

frigginlittlebits.jpg More Bits for your buck

This best-of, CD compilation, ‘Ten Little Bits’, is a welcome addition to the Friggin Little Bits recorded output.

Before this latest collection you could only hear this brilliant all-woman four-piece in real time or via bootleg cassettes. (Ladies down-under have a penchant for The Bits – such is their international reach.) These feminist troubadours sing and play songs of love and protest that “make misogynists cry”, which is no bad thing - and if you get the chance, go to one of their gigs, you’ll not regret it.

The Bits are consistently thought-provoking; their deadpan delivery, vaudeville accents, burlesque sensibilities and comic timing all belie complex melodies and lyrics that move effortlessly between the sublime, the very-real and the ridiculous. They are as funny as hell in performance, self-deprecating and very, very witty and I can’t think of another band able to cram so many cultural references into one CD, while still making you want to dance.

Neo-Freudian psychology, sprawling Americana (via the Pennines), Steinbeck novels, profound musings on fruit and Geordie colloquialisms reframed in accapella lesbian vocal arrangements: The Bits are the full package, an accomplished band, as serious as they are funny, clever and accessible. I wanted to highlight some standout tracks, but after listing to the songs all day I have to say the whole thing is just glorious. It’s such a joy to hear songs written from totally dyke perspectives. Think early Victoria Wood, mixed with Fascinating Aida, and a pinch of Tim Minchin, plus their vocal harmonies are to die for.

But really, there’s no confining them to one genre or musical movement, The Bits are unique and anyone interested in hearing an authentic slice of dyke culture should invest in a copy of the CD for themselves, or for the lesbian in your life who’s desperate for some music that speaks to them, not for them.

CD is available through iTunes, CD Baby and is streaming on Spotify.