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parent.jpg As a Parent...

Little Crack is infuriated by the notion that people are only empathetic and right-thinking according to who they’re related to. This can be summed up in three words: “As a parent…” We read this all over the place, written to demonstrate a Godly level of compassion that non-parents can only aspire to: “As a parent, it’s difficult for me to witness this abuse / neglect / deprivation…” It’s great being a non-parent, because, apparently, having no children makes it impossible for Little Crack to feel anything but concrete, unmoving apathy towards, say, Aleppo’s children. Like, whatevs Aleppo. This handy rule also means anyone who doesn’t have a sister, mother, or a vagina ripe for the groping is entirely untroubled by stuff like sexual assault. That must be why we’re always asking men to think of their female relatives (rather than their humanity or sense of decency) when they’re trying their very hardest to decipher whether it’s OK to grab a woman’s body. For some it’s a radical idea but Little Crack likes to believe that, were our all relatives (big and small, male and female) to simultaneously cash-in their chips, they wouldn’t churlishly take our moral compass with them.