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Music Editorial

sohampic.jpg Local: Soham De

Although Soham De is from Kings Lynn (I’ve always wondered where that is – will have to Google it sometime) he’s actually based in Durham, and with a talent like his, I’m claiming him as one of our own.

Soham De is – it says here – 19-years-old, but I need proof and have already sent out a posse to track down his birth certificate. And no, it’s not because he looks older than 19 (of course he doesn’t – just look at that face – how do people manage to be so young these days?), but because of his voice. It has a fabulously mature timbre to it, which seems to speak, already, of a life lived, and is full of hard-worn soul and quiet fervour. It really is quite remarkable, as is his guitar playing, which burns with the kind of passion that elevates his songs to an altogether higher plane. Of course, it would all count for nought if his tunes were substandard, but, what do you know, he can pen a killer melody too. He’s already caught the ear of judges on Best of British: Unsigned, and he can catch yours too with the release of his debut album Ghost (which came out in September) and a headline gig at Empty Shop in Durham on Sunday 20 November. Details from his website, below.

Seek: sohamde.com