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Our Crack Little Crack

shopping.jpg Browsing Fishcakes in the Co-op

This week, browsing fishcakes in the Co-op, Little Crack had a characteristically pedestrian thought. Our duffle-coated shuffle of life, we silently pondered (10 for £1 scourers clutched in one hand, own-brand jaffa cakes in the other) is like an ancient bottle of Advocaat left to stagnate at the back of the cupboard, unshaken for many, many years. The egg and brandy components have separated and spoiled, leaving an unctuous oily mess. Where once we may have savoured sweetness and cream, now we experience something like mild surprise and familiar disappointment every time we pour. Or, disapprisement, if you will. Our existence is a long swig of disapprisement. And, fittingly, disapprisement is, in itself, a disapprising portmanteau. Which can only mean fishcakes for dinner.