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Our Crack Little Crack

stevecram.jpg The Great North Run

Little Crack, born and bred in the North East, can now rightfully lay claim to being a Geordie because on Sunday we slept with Steve Cram while singing Jimmy Nail’s back catalogue and eating a stottie. Not really, but, next best thing, we did the Great North Run. We won’t bore you with how challenging it was (very) or how brilliant the support of spectators was (it wasn’t: Poldark was starting by the time we stumbled by), but we will tell you this. If ever you want to stage the perfect murder, eradicating 50,000 of the region’s fittest people in just a few hours, all you’d need is a bowl of jelly babies, a slow working poison and a small child willing to stand on a pavement shouting “Oggy oggy oggy” for up to five hours. Just saying Little Crackers, just saying.