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orangutan.jpg Goals

Of late, the word ‘Goals’ is bandied about like name tape during back-to-school week. Relationship goals. Career goals. Fitness goals. Little Crack is anti-goals. We’d rather lie flat on our back for four hours trying to decipher whether different coloured Skittles have distinctive flavours (DO they though?) than pursue a goal for even a second. Life isn’t an endurance test. You’re not on your way to some pinnacle of goal achievement whereupon you’ll experience the zenith of happiness having successfully chased and achieved all those fascist goals you stupidly set your sights on. Goals, we think, turn people into trams. With a goal, you’re fixed on one destination and you have a singular route to follow. Your tight tramlines will keep you from intrigue and unexpected pleasure or surprises. They’ll reign you in, making the journey joyless with only the end destination to focus on. Instead, Little Crack advocates being a scooter, haphazardly careering from one impossible pipedream to another, pausing only to act on each whim after temptation after fanciful indulgence. Fuck goals. Go!