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Music Editorial

callumpitt.jpg Local: Callum Pitt

Callum Pitt, then? The one on the left? The one on the right? Don’t be daft: it’s the one in the middle. He’s great! (As are his band mates, who, for the time being, shall remain mysteriously nameless – i.e. I don’t know what they’re called.)

Hey! I’ve got two conflicting biogs in front of me here. One starts: “I’m 20 and from Gateshead” while the other proffers: “21-year-old indie-folk singer from Newcastle”. 20? 21? Gateshead? Newcastle? Is Callum Pitt muddying the biographical details a la Bob Dylan? Who knows? What is certain is that he has got talent to burn. He says he is massively influenced by The War On Drugs (i.e. the band, not Richard Nixon’s ill-fated attempt to stop cocaine coming into the US in the 1970s) and – if I can use the word “vibe” here for a second – definitely has something of their strummy, sunny, dreamy vibe, with his songs having a lovely sun-breaking-through-the-clouds feel that exude genuine warmth. And with tracks such as You better sell it while you can, he displays an irresistible vocal talent, hitting those high registers with ease, for a song that’s as fleecily warm as a pair of Norwegian socks. His prodigious talent has already seen him register airplay with 6 Music and BBC Newcastle and he was also selected to play this year’s Evolution Emerging. 20 or 21. Newcastle or Gateshead. No matter: this lad is the real deal.

Seek: facebook.com/callumpittmusic