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Queer Editorial

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Whisper it, but apparently Venus and Serena Williams were hoovering up gold medals long before Andy Murray nabbed his first one…

On the wonder that is the Williams sisters I say this dear readers: they are totally amazing.  And I mean totally. Amazing. Amazing sportswomen and amazing role models to everyone who wants to be the best they can be in the face of adversity and monumental discrimination. I can’t believe – well, actually and sadly I can believe, given the white, post-colonial patriarchal western world we live in – the way the Williams sisters, and especially Serena, are treat in the media. A high-profile, white woman tennis player gets banned from the tour for testing positive for illegal substances: hardly gets a mention outside the specialist tennis press. Yet Serena’s physicality and her playing style are picked over and criticised time and time again, while her sporting prowess and sheer talent goes begging in mainstream eyes. Thank god for Claudia Rankine, that’s all I can say.

A white, past-it BBC journo congratulates Andy Murray on being the first person to win two Olympic golds: it takes Murray, a fine sportsman himself, to remind said journo that err, no the Williams sisters have more gold medals than me. And they did it first. But women can’t really do sport can they? And black women doing sport like tennis? Forget it. I woke up ready to write something else in my column this month, something more upbeat and light-hearted. I’m tired of being angry, tired of putting people straight (pardon the pun) over their sexist, phobic, downright insulting logic. Then I look on Twitter and read the whitewashing of tennis, again. What with Trump poised like a coiffured, perma-tanned devil ready to pull the States back a century and our new PM proud to push the button in a heartbeat – you can see why some of us are feeling twitchy. I just wanted to watch the Olympics and forget all about it, then some misogynistic idiot with a BBC microphone burst the bubble. Cheers mate. Serena and Venus, I salute you and I watch in awe as you continue to be the best women you can be. You’re an inspiration and I thank you.