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Music Editorial

bandfordisease.jpg Local: The Band for Disease Control and Prevention

I can’t resist a band whose acronym reads like an eye chart test, and Gateshead’s TBFDCAP play music that is tights-rippingly good.

The Band for Disease Control and Prevention describe their sound – via that handy “Genre” bit of Facebook – as “Alternative Punk Rock” and, yes, they certainly do have a citrus sharp punk edge to their tunes that have an X-Ray Spex meets PJ Harvey vibe (“vibe” being a word punks would never use, but you know what I mean). And, lyrically, they’re very interesting. Yes, they are full of anti-status quo angst (ie the existing state or condition, not the band – although I doubt they’re fans of the perma-denim clad rockers, either), but they play around with plenty of arresting imagery too. Take this from Self Pity Me: “Yes this is good as it gets / With no road noise, yes it’s a green eyed monster / Not a rainbow like you but a tractor full of piss water” or this from Word on a Receipt: “Stand on the platform / Choose north or choose south / Left luggage on the platform / Chocking in my mouth”. There’s a peculiar kind of madness going on here, but as they state on April of the Fool, “Sanity is overrated”. And their tunes are not all bish-bash-bosh-will-that-do, either, slowing things down when need be, but always with a tautness that keeps things nice and feisty. Guitar solos? Don’t be daft.

Seek: thebandfordiseasecontrolandprevention.bandcamp.com