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Music Editorial

rojor16.jpg Local: Rojor

Teesside lad Rojor has won praise from all quarters in the past and with a beautiful new album out this month, that praise should reach all-new, and all-unprecedented, levels.

I would say that Rojor has been a bit under the radar, but that’s decidedly not the case these days as he’s had a couple of his tracks played on the nation’s most listened to radio station, BBC Radio 2. And those tracks, Everytime I See Her and Planet Ride, are a good indication of what he’s all about. Everytime I See Her is a warm glow of a pop song, while Planet Ride gets it groove on with some quite lovely electronic flourishes adding plenty of texture to the wonderful hooks. They are both included on his new album, Fatally Beautiful, which is due out on 2 September. It’s a very assured collection of songs, with his voice sharing some of the breathy come-hither qualities found in the lesser-spotted Paddy McAloon. He comments: “After three years of writing and recording, finally getting to sit down and listen to a new album as a body of work toys with your artistic insecurities and is a bit like staring in the mirror and seeing every flaw. However, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great musicians/friends along the way and I’ve hopefully pulled together a long-player with some artistic merit and some great new pop songs.” You certainly have.

Seek: rojor.com