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Queer Editorial

quiveraug16.jpg Quiver

There’s a hell of a lot of persecution in the news at the minute, but – surprise, surprise – it’s something that people have to live with every day of their lives.

While I am, along with everyone else, horrified by the terrible things happening – I am sadly not surprised by homophobic culls like Orlando, or the murders of black men in America and the UK. This shit has been happening for a long time, it happens all the time; it’s just if you live in a bubble of privilege you’ll have no idea of the depth of issues faced, by some of us, every day.

Us queers are killed not because of who we love, but because people hate us, are disgusted by us and want to stamp us out. Black people are wiped out because no one (in power, and with the most to lose) wants to acknowledge and truly tackle the systemic dracism, discrimination and abuse at the foundation of our western democracy and industrialisation.

If you build your house with and on the blood and bones of a brutalised, enslaved people then expect that house to come crashing down. It won’t improve until everyone gets real about what is actually going on. Black lives are worth so much less in the racist judicial and political systems built and maintained, as they are, to service privileged society.

In the US trans women of colour and trans people everywhere suffer epidemic levels of murder and hate crime now – it barely, if ever, makes mainstream news; international LGBT activists are tortured and killed; in nearly 80 countries around the world it is still illegal to be LGBT. If you’re black, a person of colour, mixed race or remotely not-white-looking the cards are stacked against you.

I am white so I have never, and will never, suffer the indignations and brutality that black people do; but I understand some of their anger and fear as a member of another hated, brutalised minority. Well-meaning white, hetty, priviled cis friends: by all means mourn Orlando and share you Black Lives Matter hashtags but wake up, this murder and discrimination is the soundtrack of some of our lives. It’s not new, it’s just on-going reality. 24/7.

And now the hard right has their post-referendum mandate I fear even more blood will be shed. If you voted Leave because you don’t like immigrants and/or queers, you can go fuck yourself. If you voted Leave because you thought you’d get more control of your life you’ve just fucked yourself. The only winners amidst all the chaos are the capitalist elites and the political administrators who service and enable them.