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Music Editorial

martha16.jpg Local: Martha

If ever there was a picture that screamed “Blistering, pin yer ears back, indie power-punk” then this is it.

Say “Hi! How’s it rockin’?” to J. Carins, Daniel Ellis, Naomi Griffin and Nathan Stephens Griffin who make up Martha, a band from Pity Me in Durham that you can really fall in love with. Naomi also plays with No Ditching (FYI: Amazing) and Daniel and Nathan also play with Onsind (FYI: Never heard of them. Probably amazing). There are signed to the rather excellent Fortuna POP! label who released their second album Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart in July, and, let me tell you, it’s nary been off my metaphorical turntable since I first clapped ears on it. They play the kind of power-pop that makes my heart go ring-a-ding-ding - like the Wedding Present gorging on Sherbert Dib-Dabs with McBusted - and the shared girl/boy vocals lend a nice do-you-wanna-be-in-my-gang mentality to the whole thing. (And yes, I’d very much like to be in their gang.) And as well as songs about the vagaries of love, being an outsider etc, they have also found time to pen tunes about 19th century anarchist Emma Goldman and Coronation Street’s Curly and Raquel. Billy Bragg loves them so much that he invited them to play Glastonbury, and my advice to you would be to get with Billy and let some Martha into your world: they are brilliant.

Seek: facebook.com/marthadiy