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Local: The Amazing Devil

The Amazing Devil are a very enticing proposition indeed, and yes, they are kind of amazing.

The video for The Amazing Devil’s single King, features Joey (from Fenham) and Madeleine (from Cullercoats) cavorting around on beaches and forests with beseeching expressions on their faces, blood in their mouths and no little theatrical leaping, casting of hands into the air and plenty of eye-liner. It’s very dramatic and the perfect accompaniment to the song that sounds like the kind of driving folk tune that should be soundtracking a BBC drama about beardy types trying to conquer Albion. And the drama they inject into this song, and new album Love Run, should come as no surprise as they actually met while working away in New York with the RSC, where they formed the band. And they have seemingly arrived fully formed, because their debut album is overflowing with the good stuff, from beautiful ballads such as Little Miss Why So and Shower Day, to the drum-laden dramatics of New York Torch Song. And the rest of the band - bringing cellos, flutes, pianos and guitars to the party - manage to conjure up a full-bodied sound that is as rich and as dark as a bar of Green & Black’s Organic 70% chocolate. Bite yourself off a sizeable chunk, pronto.

Seek: theamazingdevil.com