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theshininghat.jpg Heeeere’s bobbly!

If we’re not very much mistaken (and we’re not) the pattern on this lovely bobble hat bears a remarkable similarity to that of the carpet found inside the spooky hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s modern horror classic The Shining. Crikey.

The cult of The Shining keeps on growing and last year a documentary devoted entirely to the film Room 237 detailed the many theories and legends that have been built up around it (including the crackpot idea that the whole thing was an apologetic confessional from Kubrick for his role in faking the moon landings…). One of the many facets of the picture which makes it so intriguing is the set design of the Overlook Hotel – in which Jack Nicholson eventually goes berserk with an axe - which had an off-centre mundanity that, nevertheless, still managed to imbue in the viewer the idea that a palpable sense of evil stalked its endless corridors. And those corridors were memorably kitted out with a carpet which had a honeycomb design of red, orange and brown which, AT LAST, is now available in bobble hat form. Strictly unofficial of course, and strictly limited, so true horror heads really shouldn’t delay. 

The Weir Overlook Special Edition, £27. shop.casualco.com