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Our Crack Little Crack

ronburgundy.jpg Throbbing News Headache.

Little Crack has a throbbing news headache. It’s too, too much. It feels like the time we accidentally ordered a huge main course with another huge main course ‘side’ in Wagamamas and then tried to act as though that had absolutely been our intention, while our ever-tightening jeans scored angry welts into our belly and lumps of food crept back up our throat. Too much is going in and it can’t be properly processed.  Too many long-awaited inquiries, too many misdirected revolutionary acts, too many abysmal terrorist attacks, too many woefully short sentences for too many murderous men, too many marches, too many liars and too many traitors; altogether just too much. It all spins sickeningly but then we look at our garden, full of orange poppies swaying peacefully in the typically indifferent July weather, and slug-savaged sweet peas refusing to flower, and it all seems impossibly unreal.