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Style & Stuff Editorial

frontcover.jpg A new fanzine about fashion! And music! Huh?

It’s called tmrw and is available on that decidedly old-fangled format of paper. Imagine.

You literally can’t turn around these days without someone trying to shove a fashion blog up your nose. Everything’s all look-at-my-annoyingly-twee-fashion blog this, and look-at-my-annoyingly-twee-fashion blog that. Honestly! Blog off! Give us something that you can hold goddamn it! Something you can flick through! Something you can swat wasps with! Which brings us neatly to tmrw, a new ‘zine, printed on rather natty stock, which is chock full of decent labels (Weekend Offender, Bucks & Co), up and coming graphic artists (Rum Knuckles whose nice t-shirts get a spread) and plenty of bands on the up and up (including, in the issue we’ve seen, an interview with Newcastle art-poppers, Little Comets). It’s principally available from outlets in London (I say “principally”, I mean “exclusively”) but, through the awesome power of posties, is also available to anyone with a letterbox. 

Seek: tmrwmagazine.com