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Music Editorial

lordswans.jpg Local: Lord Swans

Lord Swans, eh? I kinda like that name; and I’ll tell you what else I like, their debut single, The Plan, which has just been released.

A cursory glance at Lord Swans’ press release will reveal the sentence: “Taking their musical cues from the likes of the legendary Biffy Clyro, math rock globe trotters Foals, and alternative punk outfit, Lower Than Atlantis, Lord Swans, the sprightly collective of Sunderland and Newcastle-based musicians, are here to remind us why we fell in love with guys with guitars in the first place.” What that sentence doesn’t reveal is that The Plan is also pushing plenty of buttons marked “NOW POP!”. For, and let it be told right here, their debut single is a real polished gem with a shimmering chorus and fab vocals that you can really take to the bank. Danceable, slick, but with plenty of heat behind it, this is the kind of indie-pop that you’d be proud to stick a flag in. Guitarist and lead vocalist, Matthew Bulmer, cooed: “Our music probably falls into the indie category, but it’s fiery as fuck. Our music is volcanic, it’s hot. We get teenie boppers as well as granddads dancing and losing themselves, which is a good thing. Our sound is huge and our music is fun like it should be. If people download our track or come to our shows, they should expect to move, we love dancing like lunatics.” Sounds like a man with The Plan.

Seek: facebook.com/LordSwans