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Art Editorial

newcastleartscentre166.jpg Warning: contains mild humiliation

That’s the husband of Newcastle-born artist Clarita Luli

ć in the above pic, and in her new exhibition, The Good Hurt, she’s been exploring his devotion to her while, well, putting him to the sword.

Making art is often about relationships: how a photographer or painter, and his or her subject, relate to each other. It’s this gap between the creator and the object that Clarita Luli

ć is operating in with The Good Hurt, an exhibition given extra frisson because they are husband and wife.

Lulić: “Through this work I intended to express adoration and celebration of him physically, exploring materiality and his surface, whilst he demonstrates his devotion to me through suffering mild discomfort and humiliation.”

Her initial experiments were fairly tame (is that sugar or flour she has doused him in?), but with each ‘victory’ she upped the ante, so much so that she had to use replicas of her beloved, made from plaster, soap and sand, to, among other things, set him on fire. Sounds exactly like my relationship without the theory and subsequent exhibition.

Clarita Lulić: The Good Hurt, Newcastle Arts Centre, 67 Westgate Road, Newcastle, 15 May-11 June. newcastle-arts-centre.co.uk