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Music Editorial

bcmd0305.jpg Attention drum & bass heads

North-east label Bass Command only formed last year, but they’re already starting to raise eyebrows on a global level with a roster of quite startling releases…

Head honchos behind the label, DJ/producers X-ecute and Kojak, had one clear mission in mind when forming Bass Command and that was to bring the sounds of the global drum and bass scene together and put them out as one united front, staying clear of being stamped by any one sub-genre or style. Their artists include Drone (originally from London and now based in Australia), the incredible Noistek (from Washington DC) and, not forgetting their roots, Pneumatics – a duo from Newcastle whose Molten Thunder EP literally set fire to our office in January (note: not literally). Check the Bass Command blog for all manner of d&b thrills.

Seek: basscommand.wordpress.com