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Queer Editorial

terriblehomes.jpg Quiver

Who provided Quiver with her biggest laughs throughout 2015? Step forward the humble estate agent…

As we come to the end of 2015, dear reader, I wanted to share one thing that has consistently made me smile, even during the darkest days. It’s a small thing, I suppose, in comparison to all the big things in the world but I am still amazed that a digital presence can pack such a comedic punch with so little content. Whenever it all gets too much (and I can’t access the Bombay Sapphire) I head over to Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos – terriblerealestateagentphotos.com – or TREP as I like to call it. Its title leaves you in no doubt as to the content of the site, and while it sounds a bit throwaway it actually does two jobs in one: firstly, it is way way funnier than anything I access on the Net and secondly, it manages to successfully reposition estate agents, as we call them here in the UK, as witty and urbane professionals some of whom just happen to be a bit cack-handed with a camera or smartphone.

When we’re looking to rent or buy a property the first thing we all do these days is search online for pictures of potential addresses. All I’ll say before you head over to the site for a butchers is: first impressions are everything when trying to make a flat or house look appealing to potential tenants or buyers. Categories of images on the site include: “Garden Chairs of Solitude”, “Accidental Selfies”, “Fine Art”, “Portraits” and “Wildlife”. Some of the images are so bizarre you’ll wonder how they ever made it to an agent’s window – glass, virtual, or both – but it's the captions that really crease me up. If Andy Donaldson, TREP’s creator, is reading this please get in touch so I can thank you personally for making a rubbish year a little bit easier to bear. And if you’ve not seen the site before I am jealous of your discovery of it. Happy new year everyone – be happy, be healthy, and be a bad photographer with that swanky camera in your phone.