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Music Editorial

yumaaa.jpg Local: Yuma

This Sunderland-based folk/blues duo (say “Hi, how’s tricks?” to Shannon Pearl and John Timney”) are a very fine proposition indeed.

Oh man! I could just lose myself in Wildfire, the title track of their debut album of the same name, which is a five-minute tapestry of voice, acoustic guitar, and other odds and sods of instrumentation. It’s a song that starts off somewhere up among the chimney pots before swirling its way seductively into the clouds – simply gorgeous. And it’s just one of the real treasures on this album which is an accomplished a slice of dream/folk that you’re liable to find anywhere. They can do the strident (One Way Ticket highlights Shannon Pearl’s voice to fine effect) and they can do otherworldly (Check out the monumental Fortune Favours The Brave) and just about everything else in between, with their arrangements always interesting. The pair have been a real boon for the local scene – organising and hosting events under the YUMA presents banner – and have played with Hyde and Beast, The Lake Poets and Trev Gibb etc, and are definitely a band to stick on your ‘Must Investigate Immediately’ list.

Seek: facebook.com/YUMA.officialbandpage