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Red Rosa

Kate Evans, Verso Books, £20

This superb graphic novel not only succeeds in telling the life story of the Marxist theorist and revolutionary socialist, Rosa Luxemburg, but also manages to advance many of the central tenants behind her beliefs in a clear and concise manner.  She was born to a Jewish family in Poland in 1871 and developed an interest in liberal politics, going on to organise a general strike aged just fifteen. After going to university in Switzerland she would take up German citizenship, eventually forming the German Communist Party. She was murdered by right wing forces in 1919. What gives this book real power is that much of Luxemburg’s speech is taken from her real-life writings (a very useful appendix expands on this). Not only that, but the author also presents us with a fully rounded figure, complicated love life and all, that entirely humanises this uncompromising political firebrand.