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Queer Editorial

cruiseship.jpg Quiver

The lure of cruising (and we’re not talking about the all-you-can-eat buffets on the DFDS ferry…) I’ve been wondering: do women cruise one another?

And I’m not talking about the quick (or lingering) look we give an attractive lady at the supermarket checkout while she’s taking her organic couscous out of the trolley. 

No, I’m referring to the kind of men-only cruising that leads to a bit of anonymous action in dimly-lit parks. 
In my younger, single days I always fancied a go at cruising. As far as I know none of my gay male friends have ever cruised and I’m curious as to how common it is, leading me to wonder, would gay men need to cruise at all if we lived in a world without homophobia and heterosexism, or does the thrill of the glory hole extend beyond having to snatch intimacy and excitement where you can find it? Like most things, cruising isn’t without risks and I don’t want to make light of the politics and attendant violence that stalks the cottages of the world – but I’m also curious as to whether women would cruise if they had the choice, and the chance.
Personally I reckon we’re all led by our libidos and that women need sex as much as men – women are just told they don’t by a patriarchal society: and that’s bad for ALL of us. I can objectify a hot woman as well as the next man or woman; the difference is that, being a woman, I know what it feels like to be on the end of disrespectful and invasive objectification. But let’s be honest, when someone checks us out discreetly isn’t part of us flattered? So yes, I can check out a hot woman as she pays for her couscous but I’d never act on it unless A) I was single and available for anonymous encounters and B) couscous lady was up for it and told me so. And assuming all these things were in place, where can women go to cruise (Waitrose? Lidl?), and would we want to if we could?