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Queer Editorial

blusher.jpg Blusher

It’s about time that someone put former Thatcherite, now pretendy socialist, Julie Burchill, out to grass.

In stepped Moore’s mate Julie Burchill, who took to the Observer to write possibly the most hateful and inflammatory article of her life. She spent 600 words attacking transwomen people in the most spiteful terms imaginable and denying that they could ever be genuine women or genuine victims of oppression.

Why are some self-declared feminists still obsessed with policing who can legitimately claim to be a woman, and who can’t? ‘You must look like a woman’. (According to whose judgment? And god help anyone vaguely androgynous.) ‘You have to have female sex organs’. (Are you actually going to check the genitals of every person you meet? That may be problematic.) ‘You have to be born female’. (So transmen - people who look, act and live as men - are really women? That makes no sense.) My status as a woman or a feminist is not threatened because I see transwomen as women too.

The saddest part of the whole story is how transgendered people face massive prejudice on a daily basis. There’s no point in playing discrimination one-upmanship, but the truth is that while women face sexism every day, transwomen face the same sexism, plus even worse transphobia. Instead of arguing semantics and attacking trans people, non-trans women - and men too – we should be offering support, and working to combat prejudice, not contributing to it.