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Music Editorial

bethmacari.jpg Beth Macari

She’s soul! She’s pop! She’s 19-years-old! And, most importantly, she’s rather fabulous.

Last year Newcastle based Beth Macari was asked to be ‘the face’ of the Stanley Music Festival and, as faces go, you’re not going to go too far wrong with Beth’s. (I was ‘the arse’ of Ginster’s Pasties back in 2007 so understand the kind of pressures that such an undertaking can entail). Thankfully she’s also got the kind of voice that won’t leave you looking stupid if, when describing it, you happen to mention Adele. Yep: this is a lass who can sing all right, and on her last single ‘Hanging By A String’ she demonstrates admirable control in a real soulful sizzler which swaggers with funky intent. This is just one of the tracks that is making up a new EP which will be launched this month at Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle (Sunday February 17, 7pm, £4) in a gig which we imagine will be all kinds of super-hot. Please do check her out, I can sense great things ahead…

Seek: www.bethmacarimusic.co.uk