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Music Editorial

benedictlocal.jpg Local: Benedict Hawkin

This is Benedict Hawkin either: 1. At the bottom of his local swimming pool; or 2. Really ramping up the arty effects on his press pic. Either way we’re having a piece of him.

The facts as we know them are this: 1. Benedict Hawkin is from Newcastle and one quarter of Profumo, a band who have more than an air of classic 1980s indie/rock about them. 2. He’s releasing a solo EP called Ice Caves on 11 December on The Mistakable Sound Of label. 3. It’s very excellent. His influences – it says here on his press release – include “50s exotica, video game music, lounge, surf rock and Canterbury scene prog”. The upshot is an EP that is bursting with ideas, but ideas you can really hang your hat; an EP shot through with melodic invention. Case in point is the lead track from it, Esto Gaza, which is built around a delectably wibbly guitar refrain which drives the song forward. And it’s got a passionate Future Islands thing going on which I’m definitely on board with. Elsewhere that 50s exotica comes to the fore with Callisto (a bossa nova infused slice of loveliness); breezily brizarro indie gets a look in with Gift Beneath Mount Gulug; and it’s finished off nicely with the wispy-electronica-meets-shuffle-pop stylings of Everybody’s Young. In short: this is the sound of a man extending his reach and damn near touching the sky.

Seek: themistakablesoundof.com