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Music Editorial

paultaylorlocal.jpg Local: Paul Taylor

We don’t feature that many pianists specialising in improvisation on this page, but, then again, we don’t come across that many pianists as talented as this fella.

I could really lose myself in Cusps. An album by Newcastle-based Paul Taylor, it features just him, his piano, and a whole load of sumptuousness. Yes, sumptuousness. For while a lot of improv leaves me utterly cold (after first leading me down the kind of dark alleys that I really didn’t want to go down) this – which, for want of a better term, is from the more classical end of the jazzy spectrum – is just beautiful. He somehow manages to bottle moods: from sprightly joy to the plaintive and elegiac; from the mournful to the sudden dawning of unexpected glee – and every shifting subtle shade in between – his exemplary playing can really take you there. And ok, no one is going to be sticking any of these tunes on compilations called Great Driving Tunes Of Our Time or Party Starters 2, but if you’re hankering after something a little more subtle then give Paul Taylor a whirl.

Seek: soundcloud.com/paul-taylor-x/cusps