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aerosoul-.jpg Aerosoul

I’ve never been that “down” with the concept of “street fashion”. Who the fuck wants to be “from the streets”? I’d rather be “from the house”. And if ever I’m forced to venture outside onto one of these so-called “streets” then I make damn sure that I’m wearing a tuxedo. No matter. Street people (or “street walkers” as I believe they like to be called) still go ga-ga for Aerosoul clobber. The label was founded by drum & bass and hip-hop fanatic Leke back in 1998 who soon saw his designs gracing the torsos of D-Double-E (not real name), Natty (not real name), A Guy Called Gerald (not real name) and Normski (not real name). The label continues to retain an underground feel, despite recently being taken up by the likes of Ed Sheeran (not real hair), and their latest collection is all rather lovely. See for yourself by checking their shop/blog below. RM

Seek: aerosoul.co.uk