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jaggynettle.jpg Jaggy Nettle

It’s the end of the curve as we know it! Yep: according to my well connected sources in the wonderful world of fashion (i.e. I read it in the Guardian) it’s going to be hip to be square in the coming months, with everyone from Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs falling over themselves to produce gear that is all right angles this, and right angles that. But pshaw to that, say I! Aim to stay ahead of the (non-existent) curve by grabbing yourself a wardrobe full of clothing that tips a nod to this geometric phase, but pushes it into a more exciting direction than the route currently being ploughed by the boring old square. For instance? Check out some of the really great stuff that Jaggy Nettle have been coming up with recently in collaboration with fashion blog Kingdom Of Style. We’re talking hand-printed houndstooth tops (£85) and hand-printed houndstooth infinity capes (£60) which are big, bold and bountiful and will leave wearers cocking a snook at their more 90º angle fixated friends. (Legal note: The infinity capes are, sadly, finite.) DP

Seek: jaggynettle.com (click on ‘JNXKOS’ for the Kingdom Of Style stuff).