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Music Editorial

scottmichael15.jpg Local: Scott Michael Cavagan

County Durham lad Scott Michael Cavagan is a singer/songwriter you can really hang your hat on, particularly if your hat is into indie rock which pulses with melodic energy. (Pic: Ali Finney)

Scott Michael Cavagan first came to our attention when he played with Newcastle-based band Laconia a few years back, a band who had some flag-wavingly good rock tunes, with Scott’s vocals being a real stand-out feature. He would go on to be part of Dryll, a metal band that was put together by Jeff Mantas, the former guitarist of the legendary Venom (as far as I’m aware the only Newcastle band ever to be name-checked in a Beastie Boys song). Scott has now branched out on his own and his Neon Lights EP (released by Iniquity Records on 30 November) is a good indication of where he is at now, which is a good deal less noisy than Dryll. The four tracker is bursting with hook-filled melodies which bring to mind a lot of Johnny Marr’s very excellent solo work. Guitars ring and chime quite beautifully, and the songs all have an unapologetically pop-filled sense of drive. And his voice is still superb – not showy, but eminently listenable. Bravo!

Seek: scottmichaelcavagan.co.uk