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Queer Editorial

revolutionquiver.jpg Quiver

Quiver wants a revolution. Of a caring nature, of course…

Well dear readers, by the time you read this month’s Quiver we’ll know who the new Labour Party leader is. Whoever wins it’ll be interesting to watch what happens next. Though I have to say after being very leftwing all of my life, an activist and vehement trade unionist, I feel whatever the result it’s a moot point for those of us outside the circles of power. I am sad that I feel this way and I hate myself for losing hope when there is so much great work going on here and all over the world. However, it seems to me that western democratic politics has morphed from a once great idea into a sorry and self-serving behemoth whose only function, really, is to provide administrative support to the capitalist elite. Why can’t the capitalists just all go to a new nation state somewhere and leave us to it? I was mulling this over for my column and turned to my Facebook page: there I see my friends and colleagues giving up their time to donate to and organise support for refugees. And that kind of selflessness makes my heart sing. I am not sure what the answer is but I see so much goodness in the world around me that the ugliness of the capital elite is revealed as the tiny minority that it is, in the context of the global population. How did it all get so fucked up and does it have to be this way forever? I want a caring revolution. There I’ve said it. But in the end I’m just a lazy person sitting at my computer pontificating. Would I make major sacrifices for a principle or ideal? Yes, I think I would, I just don’t even know if we’ll be asked those kinds of questions anymore when the future is so unknown and unknowable. Michael Jackson, that great political commentator, said that if we want to make the world a better place we have to look at ourselves and make that change. I am looking and I am wondering what I can do in the face of such inequity and inequality. The question is on going and the answer not so much an answer but an evolving process. Hopefully by next month I’ll be in a more positive place. Keep fighting the good fight.