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Music Editorial

kasmir.jpg Local: Kashmir

When someone mentions “Kashmir” to me these days I don’t think of that bit on the map that nestles between India and China, but this new-ish Newcastle band who play the kind of low-slung rock and roll that I can really let my hair down to. (PIC: Oliver Hunt.)

Ok. Let’s get the introductions out of the way first. Say “Hi, how’s tricks?” to Rory Hunt (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Joe Simpson (bass), Sam Carman (drums/vocals) and Jacob Carman (lead guitar/songwriting). The band formed at the beginning of 2014 and have been paying their dues with support slots at the O2 Academy and Think Tank? (as well as knocking out a headline slot at The Globe). They say they’re a “rock and roll band”, which is a bit of a catch-all term (everyone from Fats Domino to Motörhead have been described as being rock and roll), but Kashmir are certainly from the more rumbling end of the spectrum; their tunes having an undertow of scuzzy cool that – I’m sorry mother, but I know you never read this anyway – hit me straight in the groin. And they’ve got a bluesy, late 60s vibe – early Fleetwood Mac springs to mind – which they marry to modern indie know-how (Where Have You Been? sounds like it come have been an extra track on Arctic Monkeys’ AM album). I’m enamoured; you should be too.

Seek: facebook.com/kashmir70