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Music Editorial

idleviolets.jpg Local: Idle Violets

There are some great bands coming out of the Stockton area at present and Idle Violets are among the most arresting.

“Jizz Rock”. That’s what Idle Violets have put on their Facebook page under “Genre”. Heavens to Betsy! I’m not touching that. What I will do is swiftly turn my attention to their first single Fuzz, which is rather wonderful. It’s a bottom-heavy slice of rockin’-blues which growls along with all the intent of several men on several missions, and feels like the band have frazzled its edges with a blow-torch. In short: it’s quite a statement for a first single. They’ve also got a nicely melodic touch too, and beneath all that swampy bass and wired psych, you’ll find those all-important hooks. And the lead singer certainly knows how to hold a tune, too; his voice just another factor in making Fuzz such a wild ride. But Jizz Rock, though? I’m not having that. (What about ‘Spunk Rock’? At least that’s a better play on words…)

Seek: facebook.com/idleviolets.band