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Queer Editorial

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Shall we revisit The L Word 10 years on? Oh, go on then…

The missus and me have been re-watching The L Word, the LA-based lezza drama made by Showtime that started in the early noughties. It’s been interesting experiencing it again with what feels like new eyes. When the first season of L Word came out I was a lot less aware of the complexity of being LGBT, gender-fluid and/or queer, plus we didn’t have streaming TV services back then and I was ten years younger. As it turns out, there’s still a lot to get annoyed about in The L Word, such as: the beautiful ladies of the Canyons never seem to worry about paying their bills or whether they’ll get caught having sex in public places. All the actors are ridiculously polished and prance about in high couture, even the skint ones. But hey, that’s soap opera for you. Because I do now think that The L Word was first and foremost a soap opera – which is no bad thing – just with loads of women and mainly queer women in all the prime roles. But what I hadn’t remembered was some of the sexuality and gender issues they tackled. I don’t reckon you’d get woman-on-woman sex scenes like that today in mainstream broadcasting or programming. They tackle trans issues and gender fluidity with depictions of trans/cis hooks-ups (oops I’ve slipped into LA-speak there), family-style shenanigans in trailers and living rooms, and a lesbian identified cis man dating a white bisexual cis woman. All the LA right-on-ness is a bit too much in places, but it’s funny with a serious edge of LGBT visibility. Plus I had completely forgotten Alan Cummings is in it (he’s just totally brilliant). The sight of him blowing a trans guy seems ground breaking and so important second time around, or have I just lived a sheltered life? Never mind that all of this is going on in places of business – no one seems to get caught out in LA. The ones with high-powered jobs never seem to be doing any actual work and really, I’m just jealous that we don’t get their weather. But for the sake of objectivity I am still happy to recommend The L Word. It’s all a bit vanilla, sure, but it’s just nice to see lady-loving lasses on the telly again.