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Music Editorial

joyatlas.jpg Local: Joy Atlas

It’s all moving and grooving on the pop front in the north-east at the minute and grabbing a lusty handful of the good stuff are new band Joy Atlas.

A press release lands. It reads: “Like a slap of colour from the North, Joy Atlas have arrived offering radiant, angular pop music that owes as much of a debt to gritty American R & B as it does to sunny Scando-Pop”. Hmm… Joy Atlas’ fabulous debut single, Dismount, is certainly radiant and overflowing with interesting time-sigs, which gives it that all important angularity, and it does have a sunny, Cardigans-esque swirl around it, but gritty? It’s about as gritty as Kate Middleton’s nails. Nothing wrong with that though, because their precise synth beats, handclaps and assorted other bits of interesting instrumentation have painted the song in the kind of colourful hue that utterly enchants. And in Beccy Owen, they have a singer of real depth and quality; and she’s on fine form here, lending the song a real warmth among the sleekness. A very enticing proposition, then, but if this is gritty then Joe McElderry is death metal.

Seek: facebook.com/joyatlasband