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Music Editorial

serinette.jpg Local: Serinette

This bunch are a Middlesbrough band who have just been signed (or “snapped up” in PR speak) by Sound-Hub Records.

Serinette? According to my sources (Wikipedia) it’s a type of mechanical musical instrument consisting of a small barrel organ that appeared in the first half of 18th century France, and was used to teach tunes to canaries. Teach tunes to canaries? Surely that’s like giving a dolphin swimming lessons. Anyway. Serinette, the band, have just released their debut single, Routine of the Week, and it’s rather good. If you’re looking for me to pigeonhole them (and I really feel that you are) then let’s stick them in the cubbyhole marked “Indie/Pop” and take it from there. The single pimp-rolls forth with a low-slung bass, like a funked-up version of Arctic Monkey’s Fake Tales of San Francisco, while riffs fire off hither and thither. Add to that a female singer who lets loose with a vocal salvo that no canary in its right mind would even attempt, and you’re onto a winner.

Seek: facebook.com/Serinettemusic