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Style & Stuff Editorial

whosit.jpg Who? What? Woo-hoo!

This is the wondrous Whosit & Whatsit, a Newcastle superstore selling a huge variety of unique stuff made by independent designers from around the world.

From the kind of delectable sideboards you might see in the coolest of living rooms, to the dinkiest bits of jewellery, Whosit & Whatsit, has got it covered. Situated down on Newcastle’s quayside, in a stunning Grade II listed building, this is a truly special store and chock-a-block with beautiful items from some of the top independent designers you’re liable to find anywhere. Among the items currently in stock are homeware (from furniture to cushions to coat racks to kitchenware), printed matter (from cards to all kinds of art), clothing (from t-shirts to dresses), jewellery (I’m particularly loving the gold ant necklaces), and quirky stuff galore (you want a slug that looks like Mr T or Darth Vadar? You got it. How about some urban skater baby tights? You got them, too). Aladdin’s Cave was a big empty cupboard compared to this place.

Whosit & Whatsit, 46 Sandhill, Newcastle, NE1 3JF. whositandwhatsit.com