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Is this the final straw?

Not a bit of it, it’s the Newcastle University MFA Summer Exhibition (a bit of it anyway). It’s coming in August and looking as THRILLING (yes, caps) as ever.

Despite what Wordsworth, Coleridge and Keats might tell you, beauty isn’t confined just to the natural world. A great deal of joy, and drama goddamn it, can be gleaned from the synthetic. Case in point is the work of Helen Shaddock who, according to her artist statement, has “a curiosity with, and visual attraction to, colour, stripes, strata and natural and man-made patterns.” This dinky piece (pictured) resembles the Olympic flame as re-imagined by a children’s party and I love it. It’s just one of the works you’ll be able to see at the Newcastle University MFA Summer Exhibition, the interim show for the 1st year MFAs (including work by Shaddock, as well as Mirela Bistran, Yein Son and Liying Zhao) and culminating show for 2nd year students (Alex Charrington, Sarah Dunn, Paul Martin Hughes, Soonwon Hwang, Ute Kirkwood, Nigel Morgan and Sofija R. L. Sutton). The course is a two-year studio-based programme in Fine Art and designed to advocate interdisciplinary experimentation that deepens independent practice-led research. Grab some while you can.

Newcastle University MFA Summer Exhibition, 22 August-4 September (preview 21 August, 6-9pm), Newcastle University. fineart.ncl.ac.uk/ma2015              

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